Special Payment Plans Make it Affordable!

  • No Start-Up Fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Pay it Off Anytime
  • Change the Amount When Needed
  • Starting at $150/mo
  • Automatic PayPal Recurring Billing
  • Absolutely No Interest Ever
  • And 100% No Strings Attached!

Yes, we offer payment plans for all projects. However, for print-related designs (book covers, business cards, etc.) the final files will not be handed over until the balance is paid in full. For website designs not hosted on our hosting plans we do not activate the website until the balance is paid in full. If you purchase a new web design and hop onto our hosting plans (complete with web maintenance and support) we offer the flexibility of a monthly payment plan as low as $150/month to pay off your website balance. Your website will be available online during the payment plan and will only be deactivated if one of your monthly payments is 15 days overdue.

These plans can be as flexible as you need them to be. We start at $150 a month all the way up to however much you want to pay. You can change the amount each month or pay it off sooner. It’s completely up to you and your budget!